Cog Effects is a UK-based company manufacturing high-quality guitar and bass effects, and providing pedal-board solutions for life on the road. 

What We Do

Cog Effects build affordable custom guitar and bass effects to suit your individual needs, and 2013 sees the launch of our stock range of effects. Our custom service allows you to choose the ideal pedal for your rig: from additional controls on an overdrive, through complex looping and routing solutions, all the way to remotely switched rack units - we will work with you to get the effect that you want.

Every pedal is hand-built in Sheffield using quality components and printed circuit boards. Our goal is to take good ideas and make them better, while eliminating the problems commonly found in floor effects and providing bassists and guitarists with versatile new options for their rigs.  All our pedals come with a 12-month manufacturing guarantee and support for life.

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Cog Effects - Bass and Guitar Effects Pedals