Mini 66 Bass Overdrive

A streamlined version of the two-channel Knightfall 66, the Mini 66 provides simplicity and versatility in a tiny Hammond 1590A enclosure. Don't let the size fool you, this thing sounds massive.

The Voice knob of the Knightfall 66 is replaced with a three-position Fat switch, giving control over low end content before the gain stage. Similarly, the Tone knob is replaced by the three-position Cut switch to tame high end post-clipping. The filtered Clean channel of the Knightfall 66 is included, designed to integrate in a more natural sounding way than a typical full range clean signal.

With nine different and repeatable settings to use in conjunction with the Gain knob, plus the Clean level knob, the Mini 66 is a huge sounding overdrive in a pedalboard-friendly enclosure. This is absolutely the mini overdrive your pedalboard is crying out for.

* Filtered clean blend allows extensive sound shaping in conjunction with Gain, Fat and Cut

* 2.1mm Boss-style 9v DC input (power supply not included)

* True Bypass

* Die-cast Aluminium Hammond 1590A Enclosure


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Cog Effects - Stock Effects Pedal - Mini 66 Engraved Enclosure

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