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Bop Gun - Custom Bass Multi-Effect for Nick Belfitt

Cog Effects Custom Multi-Effects Bass Guitar Pedal with T-65 Analogue Octave, Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz, Gated Fuzz, Envelope Filter and Reverb

This a funky funking funk machine for funking out. 

1) First in line
 is a fully featured T-65 Octave, including the parallel effects loop. 

2) Second is a Fuzz Face/Woolly Mammoth inspired silicon fuzz that is smoother than its fore-fathers while retaining huge low end. 

3) Next up a Grand Tarkin with added Gate control. A switched pot is used here, so when turned all the way down it will click to turn off the Gate, giving a stock Grand Tarkin

4) Fourth in line is a MuTron-based envelope filter to quack and wub that funky beat. 

5) The final piece of this jigsaw is a digital reverb, designed to be subtle at one extreme and a self-oscillating noise machine at the other. The addition of a tone section on the wet signal also allows the user to dial in a full-bodied resonating echo through to a cold harsh hard-wall echo. When used in conjunction with volume swells and a dark, subtle overdrive some very interesting string sounds can be produced. 

All effects have individual ins and outs to enable this to be patched in any order and within a larger pedalboard, while also connecting automatically in sequence if no additional jacks are inserted other than Octave In and Reverb Out.

Cog Effects - Custom Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
Cog Effects Custom Multi-Effects PCB Guts

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