Dual Knightfall Distortion - DISCONTINUED

When you've got a pedal that does more than one thing really well, it'd be a shame not to have more than one of them on your board, wouldn't it? Well, now you can have two Knightfalls that take up a single space on your pedalboard. Excellent.

The list of possiblities is pretty broad: Set one for warm cleanish tones and the other for your higher gain needs; set one as your OD and use the second to boost your signal either before or after your OD sound; have both set up as OD's and stack them. The list goes on.

The control set sees the Bass switch moved inside the box for a broader range of options, and a 3-position diode selection switch added also. MOSFET clipping is selected as standard, with Silicon and LED also included. Custom diode selection is available, just get in touch!

Just the job for guitar and bass, and probably keyboards or kazoo too if you're feeling frisky.

True bypass switching for both Knightfalls is handled by relays. All jacks are north-mounted to provide a footprint only slightly wider than a standard Knightfall once the jacks are inserted.

* Gain, Bass, and Diode Selection interact to provide a huge range of overdrive and distortion sounds for both guitar and bass

* 2.1mm Boss-style 9v DC input (power supply not included)

* North-mounted jacks to reduce pedalboard footprint

* Relay True Bypass Switching

* Die-cast Aluminium box


Cog Effects - Stock Effects Pedal - Dual Knightfall Distortion - Standard Etched Enclosure

Video demos of single Knightfall Distortion pedals on guitar and bass 

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