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Disastrochimp Distortion - Custom Knightfall for Chris Walker of Great Deeds 

Once upon a time, music was on a night out. Music met up with maths and they got drunk. Nine months later, Great Deeds was born. In their own words, they are Jazz Punk. I'd agree with that! 

"Great Deeds play songs that are faster than they probably should be, songs that are slightly more melodic than people think they would be and songs that are a little more complicated than they first sound. Its kind of like punk. It's just in 7/8."

Their songs have frantic, complicated and loud sections immediately before and after very quiet sections. Guitarist Chris wanted a dynamic distortion pedal that would respond to picking strength and fit with the constant dynamic shifts in the Great Deeds set, but that wouldn't result in the change of tone you get by adding or removing a drive pedal each time. Clarity of notes at high gain was also crucial due to the jazz-style chords and picked parts throughout the set.

The answer was a Knightfall with extended features. We put the bass switch on the inside, and added an additional footswitch to allow switching between two Gain knobs (Jazzy and Noisy) for more versatility while retaining the same tone. Additional filtering on the Noisy setting means it can be cranked all the way without excessive highs taking over. Switching between the two settings is like giving you that little bit "more" without stacking gain stages, losing your dynamics or changing tone.

You can find Great Deeds online HERE 

Great Deeds' second EP, Disastrochimp, featured cover artwork by Sheffield artist Geo Law, and this has been recreated on Chris's pedal as a custom etch. 

We highly recommend you check out more of Geo's stuff at his WEBSITE

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