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Octagrit - Custom Knightfall 66 and T-65 Octave for Byron Carmona Pegler

Cog Custom - Custom Effects Pedal - Octagrit T-65 Octave and Knightfall 66 Bass Distortion with Poseidon and Kraken battling to the death

This pedal was commissioned by Byron Carmona Pegler, and features delicious custom artwork courtesy of Jorge Adrián Garcia Lozano. Poseidon and Kraken engaged in deadly combat on your pedal? Result. These two behemoths represent the two sides of this pedal: the Kraken comes from beneath (octave) and Poseidon, God of the Sea, is an angry mo-fo who can summon roaring tides (distortion).

The idea behind this pedal was to have two independent circuits that could also be combined in parallel to create a huge range of tones from a small footprint. When neither circuit is engaged, the pedal is true-bypassed. To get the best out of all three modes, there are three clean blend knobs. Only one of the three is ever active at any one time. The first is active when only the Knightfall 66 Bass Distortion is engaged, the second is active when only the T-65 Octave is engaged, and the third and final blend is only active when both circuits are engaged. This allows proper balancing of levels between the three modes.

"The "Octagrit" is the idea of a combined Octave & Drive pedal with a twist in one enclousure. I have always loved octave sounds mixed with drives and fuzzes, and I am always trying to find new combinations. One day I was trying the COG Tarkin fuzz with one of my octave pedals and fell in love with how the Tarkin sounded. That is when I decided that I wanted a custom build by Tom.

I have tried and own many Octave pedals and have always had to have various on my board due to the differences between them. One could be very growly and the other very subby but I could not have one enclosure to dial in either tones when needed. That is why Tom suggested a Filter control for the octave to fine tune the tonal characteristics of the pedal. Open it up to cut through the mix or back it off to fatten your octave sound. GREAT!

Originally, I was thinking of the Darklighter as the drive but after talking to Tom about my preferences he suggested a "pimped up" version of the Knightfall 66. I mean, with a name like Knightfall you cannot go wrong.

The twist comes with the 3 independent blend controls. I wanted to be able to mix my dry tone in different degrees depending on the selected side of the pedal or if both effects were on. And one of the coolest things about this pedal is that the octave and drive are working in paralel and not in series when both active. This way you get a 3D kind of sound that cuts and bites and also has a massive ammount of low end on tap.

This is where the artwork by good friend Jorge Garcia gets the meaning: Poseidon (Knightfall) in battle versus a giant sea monster (Sub) = TOTAL AWESOMENESS"

A little bit about Byron:

"I am half-Brit half-Spaniard bass player based in London.

I have played in many bands since I was a teenager (started playing bass when I was 13), the major ones being The Welcome Dynasty where I toured accross Spain and part of Germany and played in several major Music Festivals such as MTV Winter, Deichbrand Festival, Arenal Sound, Sonorama and all major music venues in Spain and sharing stage with amazing bands such as My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Blood Red Shoes, Danko Jones, Scissor Sisters, Sum 41, Bad Religion... and the list goes on.

I recorded with the band the Underwater Meetings EP produced by german producer Uwe Hoffman, known for his work with The Killer Barbies.

Thanks to all of this I became an endorsing artist for Darkglass Electronics

Unfortunatly, some things come to an end and the band went on a hiatus that has lasted until today, with all the band members scattered around Europe.

In 2012 I joined forces with the drummer from The Welcome Dynasty and the band Monoh, who were looking for a new rythim section to write and record their new album, NO PERSONA, which was recorded at Caramelo Studios in Spain and was produced by Raul Abellan and Monoh, and the mastering was done by 2-time Grammy winner Alf G. Ródenas.

The album recieved good reviews and some of the tracks have been featured in Fashion Shows and even in an Indipendent movie production in the USA. With the album sounding in a small indie radio in Seattle, Monoh got contacted to play in New York´s CGBG Festival.

I moved to London in 2013 and since then I have beed back and forth beween the UK and Spain doing session work down there. At the moment, I am in a new project with an old friend of mine that we are planning on releasing at the end of 2014 begining of 2015 and which I am very excited about as it is the type of stuff I have always wanted to do and that I have never been able to do."

The Welcome Dynasty:

Underwater Meetings

Cog Custom - Custom Effects Pedal - Octagrit T-65 Octave and Knightfall 66 Bass Distortion with Poseidon and Kraken battling to the death

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