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Mike Kerr - Royal Blood

Brighton-based Royal Blood are just about the hottest ticket in town at the minute, having formed in 2013 and taken the world by storm. They followed up their self-titled debut this year with How Did We Get So Dark? which hit no.1 in the UK charts. Like another favourite of mine, Wet Nuns, Royal Blood are a two-piece and bassist Mike Kerr uses effects pedals to create an absolutely crushing wall of sound. An essential part of this is Mike's custom Cog Effects fuzz pedals, CRB005 and CRB006. These pedals were commissioned by Mike to do what they do in a very individual way to complement his pedalboard and amp setup. As such, they are not for general sale.  


CRB010 & CRB011 "Brighton Fuzz" Bass Fuzz

CRB001, CRB003 & CRB007 Signal Router

CRB002 & CRB004 Patch Box

CRB008 & CRB009 Signal Router

Signal Routing

Mike's rig is a particularly complicated one, with multiple amps and a pedalboard that processes signals across different octaves in different ways to those amps. Using different combinations of effects and different combinations of amps, Mike can create a vast array of tones from a single instrument at any one time. CRB001-4 and CRB007-9 give Mike the flexibility to do this with minimal noise in a bullet-proof format that will last as long as Royal Blood does.     

CRB005 & CRB006

Cog Effects Custom Royal Blood Bass Guitar Effects Fuzz Pedal
Cog Effects Custom Royal Blood Bass Guitar Effects Fuzz Pedal

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