Cog Custom

"Signor Gatto" - Bass Darklighter and TK-421

Custom Cog Effects Bass Overdrive and Distortion

Alex Baker is the bassist for London band Eat Lights Become Lights, and he contacted me about a dirt box that would cover overdrive and hard distortions on bass guitar. The answer was very simple: a Bass Darklighter and a TK-421 in one box. 

The TK-421 (due for general release late 2013) takes inspiration from the classic Rat pedal, with changes to reduce the noise levels and to respond better with the bass guitar, as well as external clipping options. The Filter knob has a range of frequencies at which it will be applied, switchable internally, to allow the user to tailor the sound to the band situation.

The Darklighter is modified to allow a choice of 9v or 18v power supply, and switchable Flat Mids.

Signor Gatto is the nickname for Pete, Alex's cat, who is by all accounts hard as nails, having survived getting hit by a car and the cat version of AIDS. He is now immortalised as the baddest dirt box in town. The artwork was drawn by my wife's fair hand before being digitalised and etched in the normal Cog way. 

Custom Cog Effects Bass Overdrive and Distortion

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