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Slave 1 - Custom Bass Multi-Effect for Warren Byatt

Cog Effects Custom Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal with T-65 Octave, Chorus, Delay, Reverb and effects loops

There are a few things in this world that I really truly love. One of those things is building multi-effects. The other, which I'm sure will come as a surprise, is Star Wars. So when people come to me and say they want a Star Wars-themed multi-effect I am a happy man! 

1) First in line is an effects loop that is modified slightly so it can be used for silent tuning if only the Send is used. When used in this way, the Return jack is grounded when the footswitch activates the loop.

2) The second section is a fully featured T-65 Octave, including the parallel effects loop. Immediately after the octave there is an output to send the signal to Warren's Knightfall/Grand Tarkin dirt portion of his pedalboard. This output automatically links to the input of the chorus if nothing is inserted into this loop.

3) Third up is an analogue chorus. This chorus features controls for both Wet and Dry levels, the usual Rate and Depth controls, but also a Bass/Treble EQ section that affects the wet signal only. This is useful for finding the right balance on bass to keep a solid, unmodulated low end, but can also be used to dial in glassy or woody, mid-heavy chorus tones. 

4) Next is an analogue-voiced digital delay with a few extras. As well as the typical Time, Mix and Feedback controls, there are also Rate and Depth controls for modulation on the repeats. Further to this, and designed for use with the bass guitar, there is an adjustable Filter to remove low end from the repeats. This makes it far easier to use a higher level of Repeats or Mix without turning the sound into an unrecognisable mush. The filter is totally variable and can be turned to full-range if desired. Finally, an effects loop is added to the repeats to allow you to create new sounds by combining effects. Octave up is particularly interesting here, as are wahs, heavily gated fuzz, modulation effects and another delay set with a very different delay time. 

5) The final piece of this jigsaw is a digital reverb, designed to be subtle at one extreme and a self-oscillating noise machine at the other. The addition of a tone section on the wet signal also allows the user to dial in a full-bodied resonating echo through to a cold harsh hard-wall echo. When used in conjunction with volume swells and a dark, subtle overdrive some very interesting string sounds can be produced. 

Cog Effects - Custom Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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