TK-421-X Bass Distortion - DISCONTINUED

For those of you who like a nice, warm, clean bass tone... please go away, you are on the wrong page.

This is all about high gain and aggressive bass tones. Based around its baby brother, the TK-421, the TK-421-X goes a few steps further to create a bass distortion that sacrifices the dynamics of the Knightfall family in exchange for huge amounts of biting, barking, snarling, ratty nastiness.

Dirt, LPF (LPF-2) and Level are all carried over from the TK-421, as is the internal Range switch for the LPF control (settings for "traditional", stock Cog, and deep Cog). Diode selection is moved to an internal switch for a broader choice, with symmetrical LED clipping as standard. Other options included are assymetrical LED, and both symmetrical and assymetrical Silicon clipping. It is also possible to select no diodes for another flavour, making five in total. Custom diode selection is possible too, just get in touch!

Clean blending is included for those who desire it, with the addition of an adjustable low pass filter (LPF-1) on the clean signal to allow the user to choose from a full-range clean blend, all the way through to a heavily-filtered clean sound adding pure low-end and nothing else. This means you can retain the upper-mid bite and leave it unadulterated by clean tones, but still add in clean low end should you feel the need.

True bypass switching is handled by relay. All jacks are north-mounted to provide a footprint only slightly wider than a standard
TK-421 once the jacks are inserted.

* Dirt, Diode Selection, LPF-2 and Range interact to provide a broad range of distortion tones

* Adjustable Low Pass Filter (LPF-1) on the clean blend lets you find your own sweet spots to mix with the dirt

* 2.1mm Boss-style 9v DC input (power supply not included)

* North-mounted jacks to reduce pedalboard footprint

* Relay True Bypass

* Die-cast Aluminium box


Cog Effects - Stock Effects Pedal - TK-421-X Bass Distortion

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