Windu Boost

Your sound, but louder and, well, better. The Windu Boost provides up to 20dB of boost, as clean as possible but adding just a hair at the top of your signal that interacts with your tube amp to push it into lovely overdrive. Put it before an already overdriven amp and you can absolutely saturate the signal and push things way over the top. Use it as an "always-on" boost and use your guitar's volume knob to control your overdrive from either pedals or amp. Indeed, the combination of Windu Boost into Knightfall Distortion gives a two-channel setup that will cover a huge range of tones from a tiny array of controls. 

* 2.1mm Boss-style 9v DC input (power supply not included)

* True Bypass Switching using Relay

* Die-cast Aluminium box

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Cog Effects - Stock Effects Pedal - Knightfall Distortion - Engraved Enclosure

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