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"Juggernaught" - Dual Custom Multi-Effect Units

Custom Cog Effects Bass Multi Effect

Every now and again it's important to inject some excess into your life, push the boundaries or do something you might not normally do. My favourite? I wear odd day-of-the-week socks with neither sock corresponding to the day of the week it actually is. I'm a wild one. Shawn Denton of Galleon had a slightly different idea in mind when he asked for some custom effects, having been pointed this way by Nicky Grayson of Like Rome. Here's what Shawn had to say about it:

"I was first introduced to the wonderful world of Cog Effects and Mr Tom George through a friend and fellow bassist Nicky of Like Rome. Over the years I've had far too many pedals (often all at once) desperately trying to find that perfect tone that has endless range and adaptability. I always wanted everything and all-in-one box but multi-effects are more often than not an excellent idea, but have poor output and tone. Individual stomp boxes can give you the tone you want but once you start layering them up you can soon run into problems. Not only that but I play live and not really recording or studio work so having a giant ego board presents more problems than they're worth. Too many patch leads, too many batteries or less than reliable power supplies and spend half your sound check problem-solving connection issues to get rid of that unwanted noise and feedback. Not only this but you often have to share gear at gigs, meaning you can't always use your own amp so wanted to get the right tone through the bass and effects meaning that the amp is just that, something to amplify the volume, now I can use almost Flat EQ on most amps and still have the tone and sound I want through any amp at any venue.

When I started looking at what Tom could do I was originally looking for a new more adaptable and reliable fuzz and distortion which soon turned into what we have here. I tune low G,C,F,A#,D# so needed something that could give me the dirty low end punch i'm looking for but allow me to still use modulation across all the fuzz and distortion. I don't really understand how he does it or the technical ins and outs of it all but if you can dream it, Tom and Cog Effects can build it. The communication and advice was second to none. I simply had to explain what it was I was hoping for and here we are. Having the fuzz, overdrive and distortion all in one box with blend to allow me to layer up the tones and give me endless control is perfect. Link that to the modulation box with Chorus, Phaser and Delay and its the best multi-effects possible. When using modulation in the past I often found that the control on these for bass was not always the best and ended up too often having to make do, not any more."

The basis for the bottom of the two pedals was Nicky's dirt pedal - Knightfall, Tarkin and Darklighter within a clean blend loop. The difference with this unit is a slightly simpler interface (just In and Out as opposed to the blend loop on Nicky's), and the blend section is the filtered clean blend taken directly from the Grand Tarkin as opposed to a full-range clean blend. It sounds rather mighty, I must say.

The top half puts all the modulation Shawn will need into one box. First up is the phaser, based on the Phase 90 but modified for a deeper sweep and to allow better retention of low end, as well as the addition of a Depth knob and adjustable feedback. Next in the chain is the chorus, this time taking basis from the rather delightful Boss CE-2B of days gone by. Rate and Depth give us all we need here, no nonsense.  

The last piece of the puzzle is a 1776 Effects Mulitplex Echo Machine, a rather splendid delay project for the DIY community designed to provide a vast array of delay options in a tiny package. The idea is to emulate some of the favourite old-skool delay pedals around - the Echoplex, the RE-201 Space Echo, and the Binson Echorec, with the modes selectable via rotary switch (A, B or C). To take this further, 1776 added a second footswitch (Warp) which speeds up the Delay 2 knob while you hold it down and slowly sets Delay 2 back to its original speed when you let go. To complete the delay, we have added modulation, which can be turned to Delay 1, Delay 2 or off, using a rotary switch (0,1,2). Overall, it's a very versatile delay and one I would recommend to anyone looking for something a bit different in a delay.

Switching on these pedal is true bypass and handled by relay. The artwork spanning both boxes comes courtesy of the rather fantastic Jason Kerr, a scholar and a gent if ever there was one. 

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