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"Inertia" - Knightfall Distortion and Custom Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz

Custom Cog Effects Bass Fuzz, Overdrive and Distortion

"Inertia" is a pedal commissioned by Kevin Hide and designed to provide warmth and dynamic distortion through the Knightfall, and huge fuzz tones through the Grand Tarkin while keeping a small footprint overall. Subtle changes were made to each circuit to squeeze the last few drops out of what each could do; with the Knightfall running at 18v, and corner frequency adjustments on the Tone control of the Grand Tarkin, in a very similar way to Dweezil Zappa's Custom Tarkin Fuzz.

The Knightfall was selected for this custom build as Kev's specification required an effect with the versatility to provide either an always-on overdrive, a boost, or to add just a touch of grit to a bass guitar tone. To mate it with the Kev's existing equipment and to provide increased headroom, the Knightfall runs at 18v, boosted internally.

The addition of the Dweezil mods to the Grand Tarkin creates an extremely versatile bass fuzz, with the filtered clean blend maintaining the enormous lows and the combination of Tone, LPF and HPF allowing a broad range of fuzz tones while still retaining the character of the Tarkin. The LPF and HPF controls are both "more" controls, extending the cut-off frequency of each further into the mid-band of frequencies. With the Tone knob at noon, turning the LPF up will add low-mids initially, and turning up the HPF will add high-mids. The combination of the two allows the user to dial in cut or boost of the mids, and a choice of where those cuts and boosts will affect the mids, and also how wide those cuts and boosts will be. Is it overkill? Yeah, probably. Does it sound awesome? Unquestionably, yes.

Custom Cog Effects Bass Fuzz, Overdrive and Distortion

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