Cog Custom

Colonel Richter - Custom Bass Multi-Effects for Colin Price

Cog Custom - Custom Effects Pedal with Knightfall, Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz and parallel T-65 Octave

I would like to say that this was all my idea, but alas it wasn't. Bassist Colin Price came to me with the idea that he wanted to have everything that Inertia had (Knightfall and Grand Tarkin), plus a clean blend on the Knightfall, but also he wanted to be able to blend in a clean parallel octave down using an expression pedal. The Grand Tarkin has the Dweezil mod to the tone section. Seems Colin must be in the business of knocking down buildings using sound and sound alone. 

Four footswitches - One for Master Bypass, one for the T-65 Octave, One for the Knightfall Distortion, and one for the Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz. The Dirt knob is post-Knightfall and Grand Tarkin, and allows for fine tuning before the mixing stage. The Clean knob is the clean signal taken from the initial signal split at the front end of the pedal. Only one of these two knobs is ever active at any one time. When either the Knightfall or Grand Tarkin are engaged, the Clean knob is disabled. When neither the Knightfall or Grand Tarkin are engaged, the Dirt knob is disabled. This allows proper balancing of levels in all modes. 

The level of the Octave Down can be controlled either by the on-board Down knob, or by the expression pedal. The expression pedal can be activated and de-activated either by pressing the footswitch under the toe-end of the expression pedal or by flicking the toggle switch on the back of the main box (think of your stairs lights, switch at the top and bottom, and both turn the lights on and off). The EXP LED will light up when the expression pedal is controlling the level of the octave down signal. The travel on the expression pedal is flipped from a normal volume pedal, with toe down muting the octave down and heel down being full volume. This is to enable the use of the toe-end footswitch to change modes without a large volume jump when the octave engages. The main pedal can be used without the expression pedal, and the Down knob switches in automatically if the Expression pedal is unplugged.

Cog Effects - Custom Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal featuring Knightfall, Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz, and T-65 Octave in a custom etched enclosure with matching expression pedal
Cog Custom - Custom Effects Pedal with Knightfall, Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz and parallel T-65 Octave

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